Renco Electric Netting

The Rodborough Electric Netting Co. Ltd. (trading as RENCO) has been manufacturing a range of electric netting since 1986.

The knotted range of netting, produced on special purpose, patented machines developed by RENCO, gives true vertical and horizontal twine paths which had not been possible until the advent of the RENCO method.

The net so produced retains a true linear shape without distortion and, in fact, the tighter the net is tensioned, the better it performs. The small knots give reduced wind resistance, can be easily retied, and the one-piece posts with long spikes have given much stability to the nets in all weather conditions. This type of construction has reduced the weight of the nets and helps form a compact, easily handled product.

In response to customer demand, RENCO have added 7 nets with MOULDED JUNCTIONS to their range. These nets are made with substantial black and white twines and black moulded junctions for maximum visibility and long life.

The RENCO range of nets, made from high density polyethylene twine interwoven with high quality bright stainless steel conductor wires and having white uPVC one-piece posts with long plated spikes, have found much favour worldwide.

RENCO nets are sold throughout the UK, most of Europe, Scandinavia and USA. Orders abroad are usually supplied in a conveniently palletised package with an integral light-weight structure that not only assists the packing, but also allows stockists easy access to the nets as well as assistance with stock movement and control.

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